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 Would I be renting a space month-to-month or will I be on a lease?

Your contract is a month-to-month agreement. You can move out whenever you like.

 What will I be asked to sign and what information will I need to provide?

You will be asked to sign a Contract providing us with your basic contact information and a copy of your Drivers License or State Issued ID. Also, you will be asked to sign a Rules & Regulations of our facility. If you are storing a vehicle in an outside space, you will need to complete a Vehicle Information form or provide a copy of the registration.

 What size unit do I need?

Canyon Road offers a variety of sizes from 4x4 to 12x70. All interior units are climate controlled. Use the following guide to help you determine what your needs are.

5x5 Small Closet Small furniture, tools, office supplies & records, clothes, personal items (stackable items)
10x10 Half of a 1 car garage or average size bedroom Contents of a small, one-bedroom apartment with no large appliances and many small boxes & items that can be stacked
10x20 1 car Garage 2-3 bedroom house with appliances. Small car, trailer or truck
10x28 2 car Garage 4 bedroom house
12x35 Approx. 420 sq. ft Lg. home, Most passenger vehicles, boats, trailers
12x48 Approx. 576 sq. ft Large boats & trailers (Drive thru available)
12x70 Approx. 840 sq. ft Large boats, trailers, RV’s (Drive thru)
 I’m planning on a long term stay. Is there a discount if I pay in advance?

Yes. An advanced payment of 12 months, receives the 13th month free. This applies to all units, no matter the size or cost.

 What will my charges be on signing a contract?

Upon signing your contract, your charges will be; 1 month of rent plus a one time non-refundable administrative fee of $15.

 Will I be provided a lock?

No. You will need to provide your own lock. For your convenience, we sell a wide variety of new sealed locks. You lock it up, you keep the key. All units must be locked at all times. Daily lock checks are done.

  What are my options for paying my monthly bill?

Canyon Road Self Storage gives you several options to make your monthly payment. Free of charge, we will be
happy to e-mail you all notices and monthly reminders.

» We accept cash, checks, money orders, cashiers checks and most credit cards.

» Most convenient is AutoPay. We can automatically charge your Mastercard®, Visa®, American Express®, or     Discover® on the first of the month.


» We provide a billing service for a nominal charge.

 How do I access my unit and what kind of security is there?

We have computerized access pads at all the gates. You will be assigned your own access code on move in.
Gates hours are 7AM to 7PM daily; they will automatically lock and unlock at those times. Video cameras are throughout the facility with direct links into the office. Our professional Resident Managers are on site for any
assistance you might need.

 What if I need later or earlier access?

You can arrange for 24 hour access for a monthly fee of $10.

 Who will have access to my unit?

You will have complete control over who accesses your unit. No one will be allowed access through the office without prior permission from you. You may elect to add certain persons on your contract for access.

 What can I store?

Almost anything. Household goods, office files, RV’s, boats, vehicles, motorcycles, furniture, retail inventory, holiday decorations, etc.

 Are there any restrictions on what I can store?

Yes. It is unlawful to store materials that are considered hazardous or combustible such as gasoline, cleaning fluids, paint, fertilizer, etc. Perishables or food items that could attract rodents or pests are not acceptable.
Unlawful goods of any kind are not permitted.

 Can I work from my unit or set up a small shop?

No. Canyon Road is a storage facility and it is unlawful to do any kind of work or advertising from your unit that is not directly related to maintaining your goods in storage.

 When I move out will any remaining rent be refunded?

No partial months rent will be refunded. However, if you have paid for more than 1 month in advance, all full months will be refunded, minus any discounts.


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